Parrot Ambassador Programs

Parrots make great conversation starters! Their beauty, intelligence and inspiration continues to build a great community year after year! COVID 19 has created a challenge and we have risen to the call! We now do small group visits and virtual visits with parrots! Be sure to look at all the programs we have to offer! We are willing to work with you to cater to your needs and educational entertainment goals!

Duck Daze at University Place.

Have an idea not on this list? We’ll work with you to make your event unique and memorable!

Virtual Visits

We now offer virtual experiences with up to 8 parrots! We offer Zoom, Facebook Portal, Google Meet. With virtual experiences, you might experience special visitors that normally do not like travelling! An added benefit to performances online! There are 5 different ways to visit you virtually and enjoy the world of parrots! Call us for a quote! 253-951-4452

Interactive Educational Entertainment Webinars

Have parrots join your online class with rollerskating, flying, talking on cue. Talk about science, math, reading, writing, physics and MORE! This program encourages student participation on camera together with the presentation with YES/No questions, hand movements and even dancing! At the end of the session, we take the time to answer your questions! For groups of 10 people or more! Maximum of 2 hours. Call us for a quote!

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Educational Entertainment Webinars

In this program, students have their cameras off to maximize the quality of the image as an assembly where parrots perform as students observe. Parrots fly, rollerskate, play basketball and talk on cue and we explain why and how they do what they do from the perspective of a biologist! Limited to 1 hour. Call us for a quote!

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Interactive, Educational Entertainment

This program is our favorite program where not only do we present our Live show in the webinar-type formats, but for smaller groups, we can have individual students ASK THE BIRDS TO PERFORM FOR THEM! Limited to 1 hour. Call us for a quote!

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Virtual Meet N Greet

In these sessions, we are present to perform on request, answer questions and more vs. a prescribed show. Here to answer questions directly about parrots, but even about how to address climate, conservation, math, writing and more! We present our parrots to answer questions or have people request behavior work with them. Limited to half an hour. Call us for a quote!

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Pop Ins or ROLL CALL

Have a parrot encourage your work groups to participate in their Zoom meetings. Enrich educational attendance time by having a parrot chime in to say “Hi” to everyone in meetings or class. It’s time to spice up those mundane online requirements and encourage creativity, participation and imagination. $20.00 flat fee.

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Educational Programs

Classroom Visits, School Assemblies, and Educational Events for all ages! We bring 5-6 parrots who love performing all kinds of unique behaviors from flying to rollerskating to talking and more! When each session ends, we let each person interact with parrots in a variety of ways connected to your needs.

We are COVID 19 prepared by wearing masks, sanitizer, gloves. We do prefer indoor venues due to showcasing flight and prey nature of parrots. However, we are willing to work with YOU on your educational programming, your budget and more. Whatever you need to bring ongoing educational enrichment to your class topics!

Educational Events

For large groups of over 60 people, for street fairs and more! We spend 2+ hours at your event. Meet N Greet, Shows and the trip charge are included in a rounded package. Call us for a quote!

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Educational Programs, Medium

This program is designed for groups between 30 and 60 people. Target audiences multiple classroom or combined meet n greet with a show as well. This program tends to be most popular with schools, enrichment activities, large birthday parties and more. We engage individuals in the group, but with short timing each. Call us for a quote!

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Educational Programs, Small

These programs are for groups of 29 people or less. This program is great for the new standards of safe engagement during COVID 19. We engage a lot of homeschool groups with these programs. They are a lot of fun and offer far more time devoted to individual engagement vs. group. Call us for a quote!

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Birthday Programs

Suprise your favorite birthday person with a BIRD DAY!

Your special birthday person not only gets watch parrots fly over their head, rollerskate, playbasketball and more, but they also get to hold as many parrots as they can AND receive a special Wing or Tail feather from one of our macaws! We save them just for you! We are happy to come out to even a couple of people with COVID 19 to help their day be special. We understand times are tough and hope we can be a bright celebration for your special day!

Birthday Programs, Medium

Celebrate a special day with parrots! Be the star of the show! Bright, festive and educational all at the same time! Medium programs are designed for groups of 30-60 people where we stay between 1-2 hours maximum. Includes limited interaction time for each guest. Call us for a quote!

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Birthday Programs, Small

Designed for 29 people or less, we spend a bit more time with each guest and our parrots! Learn about their amazing features in addition to having a ton of fun acting like a parrot yourself. Each birthday person is the star of the show! 1 hour time. Call us for a quote!

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Want a great live decoration for your tropical wedding? How about some entertainment for your guests during the reception? Parrot Ambassadors has done it all! Let’s make your wedding remembered by all forever!

Oly Flies at Jen and Jodie’s Wedding!

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Meet & Greets

meetngreet (2)

Spice up your event with tropical flair! No actual “show” is given, but guests will have their questions answered and possibly their pictures taken with one of our special friends! Limit 2 birds per person. Call us for a quote!

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Behavioral Consultation

Should you have any questions or concerns in regards to your own companion parrot, we can help utilize different training techniques to source the problem. We can also help with grooming!

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Jesse (blue and gold macaw closest to camera on my hand), Zilla (buffons macaw), Jinx (blue and gold macaw) and Lilly (blue throat macaw) at Fly Day 2013.

Have an idea not on this list? We’ll work with you to make your event unique and memorable! We can’t wait to hear from you!

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